Nursing Team

Joel Elcoat RVN Cert VNES

Head Veterinary Nurse

Joel joined the Blue House team in November 2014, and has more than 15 years nursing experience. He has a Certificate in Exotic Species Nursing with his main area of interest in reptiles and husbandry. He became Head Nurse in 2016.

Outside of work he is an avid football fan and gamer when he is not busy with his family.


3 words to describe Joel: experienced, knowledgeable, legend


Joel with lizard 3

Lyndsey Kesic RVN

Veterinary Nurse

Lyndsey is a very experienced veterinary nurse. Having gained the A1 Assessor certificate and completed clinical coach training, Lyndsey enjoys student mentoring, along with theatre work and nurse clinics.

Outside of work she enjoys spinning classes at the gym and spending time with her family on caravan holidays and at theme parks. She has two cats - a hand reared kitten called Barry and a stray called Sybie. 

3 words to describe Lyndsey: calm, strong and nurturing

Jessamy Tickle RVN

Veterinary Nurse

Jess joined us in June 2019, having recently obtained her Registered Veterinary Nurse qualification. She especially enjoys anaesthesia, theatre work and inpatient care. 

Outside of work she enjoys pole fitness classes and going on family holidays to Devon where she goes surfing.

She has a Papillon dog called Phoebe and an African Pygmy Hedgehog called Tink. 

3 words to describe Jess: enthusiastic, diligent and caring

Abigail Cooper RVN

Veterinary Nurse

Abigail joined us in November 2019. She is very excited to be joining the Blue House family and particularly enjoys anaesthesia, theatre duties and having a good chat with clients. 

When she's not at work she's either doing pilates or walking her two crazy spaniels: Fig and Ernest. 

3 Words to describe Abi: Friendly, caring, chatty 

Donna Moore RVN

Veterinary Nurse

Donna works for us part time, mainly covering evenings and Saturday mornings. She looks after a goose called Meredith and more recently lots of her little goslings!

3 words to describe Donna: lovely, nurturing, dedicated
donna and meredith

Cheryl Wilkinson RVN

Veterinary Nurse

Cheryl joined us full time in Sept 2018 after working for us previously as both a locum and a full time nurse. She has over 25 years of experience, a certificate in dentistry and is a clinical coach which means she loves teaching her skills to others. She also enjoys weight clinic appointments, physiotherapy and discussing behaviour with clients. 

When not at work she's out hiking, swimming, doing pilates or with her menagerie of animals: 9 chickens, 2 ducks, 1 turkey, 3 cats and several fish!

3 words to describe Cheryl: cheeky, fun-loving, reliable