Dental disease is the most common medical condition we see in dogs and cats, and at Blue House we care about it.

All of our dental procedures take place in our dedicated dental room, boasting modern human-specification equipment for ultrasonic de-scaling and polishing, and surgical extraction of teeth when it is necessary.

We believe that X-rays are essential in the diagnosis and treatment of many dental conditions. We have a specialised dental X-ray machine which can take X-rays of your pet’s teeth quickly and non-invasively so that we can form the safest and most effective treatment plan for them.

We appreciate that it is not always easy to look in your pet’s mouth, especially in the case of cats, which is why we always take photographs during dental work and are happy to discuss these with you, as well as any X-rays taken, when your pet goes home.

Our nurses are passionate about preventative dental care and on hand to offer advice, free dental checks and tooth-brushing advice – just give us a ring to make an appointment.

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