Nurse Clinics

At Blue House Vets, we have a team of friendly and approachable veterinary nurses who are highly skilled and passionate about what they do. They are here to provide you with a range of advice and support you may need for your little family member.

Our nurses enjoy establishing a bond with you and your pet through the many clinics we provide and are available for telephone advice, whatever your concern. They have a wide range of knowledge whether that’s supporting you with your golden oldies, your new bundles of joy, or everything in between!

Our range of nurse clinics includes:

•    Weight management
•    Anal gland expressing
•    Wound management/bandage changing
•    Nail clipping
•    Stitch/staple removal
•    Adolescent checks
•    Dental care and checks
•    Rabbit husbandry clinics
•    Micro-chipping
•    Neutering advice
•    Suprelorin implants (chemical castration)
•    Second vaccinations
•    Blood sampling
•    Basic behavioural advice
•    Parasite control/application/administration
•    Mobility and Senior pet advice
•    Physiotherapy advice
•    Nutritional advice (including raw feeding advice)
•    Post -operative consultations
•    Sexing
•    Administering medication