Referral & Specialist Services

There will be times when we feel that it would be beneficial to get specialist advice about your pet or arrange a referral. We have very good relationships with a number of referral centres, providing access to some of the top experts in the country, for either the newest treatment information or to arrange a referral appointment. We also have referral consultants in orthopaedics, soft tissue surgery and cardiology, who can see your pet at Blue House so that you won't have to travel.

In house referrals

We are lucky to have three practices providing travelling referral services to Blue House.


Mike Holgate BVetMed CertVC MRCVS has been providing referral services in cardiology to Blue House for many years now. He can offer consultations, heart ultrasound, ECG, X-rays, clinical pathology and other cardiothoracic services at Blue House.


West Midlands Referrals Visit Website have an orthopaedic and ophthalmology practice based in Lichfield. Andy Whittingham BVSc MRCVS Cert SAS and Jon Mills MA Vet MB MRCVS Cert SAS both offer orthopaedic surgery at Blue House, or can see cases at their own surgery. They pride themselves on keeping costs firmly grounded in reality, and in providing exceptionally good value that is affordable for the uninsured as well as the insured.

Soft Tissue Surgery

Visiting Vet Specialists (Visit website) is a service providing travelling referral surgery. Catherine Sturgeon is a RCVS and ECVS Recognised Specialist in Surgery and has twenty four years experience. 

External referrals

If your pet has a condition that cannot, for whatever reason, be treated at Blue House, we will always offer you referral. We are lucky to be close to a number of excellent referral centres.

Northwest Surgeons

Northwest Surgeons (Visit Websiteprovides specialist veterinary services to veterinary practices in the North West. Their specialist disciplines are orthopaedic, soft tissue and spinal surgery, internal medicine and cardiology with support in anaesthesia, pain management and diagnostic imaging. Each service is led by RCVS or European specialists with a team of highly qualified veterinary nurses providing round the clock care to your pet. It is based in Frodsham and is approximately 50 minutes’ drive from Blue House.


Eye Vet

Eye Vet (Visit Websiteis a dedicated ophthalmology practice, and has back-up from other disciplines provided by clinical staff at the University of Liverpool Small Animal Teaching Hospital in Leahurst. It is based in Frodsham and is approximately 50 minutes’ drive from Blue House.


University of Liverpool

The Small Animal Teaching Hospital is part of The University of Liverpool’s School of Veterinary Science, based on the Leahurst Campus in the Wirral (Visit Website). As one of the largest and most advanced hospitals built for small animals in Europe, the facility sees referral appointments from far and wide. The team of RCVS and European Specialists work at the cutting edge of veterinary medicine to deliver a service that is world renowned.


Exotic referrals

Whilst we are happy to see your parrot, tortoise, bearded dragon or other more exotic pets for routine health checks, nail/beak trims and consultations, we may on occasion recommend that your pet is seen by a specialist with all of the associated equipment needed to hospitalise and operate on these species.

Birch Heath Vets, Tarporley, near Chester.

Birch Heath (Visit Websiteare recognised as one of the best equipped surgeries in the country for treating raptors, parrots, cage & aviary birds, waterfowl, reptiles, rabbits, tortoises, exotic small mammals, zoo and wildlife. Their veterinary surgeons have an international reputation, and have lectured extensively both in the UK and worldwide. Uniquely the practice has outdoor mews for the hospitalisation of raptors, and ventilated purpose-built parrot wards. Birch Heath has the facilities to hospitalise any small animal, reptile, avian or exotic mammal.



  • CT Scan at NorthWest Surgeons
  • CT Scan at NorthWest Surgeons