Cat Friendly Clinic

We’re proud that Blue House is an accredited Cat Friendly Clinic!

We were delighted to be Staffordshire’s first practice to achieve the International Cat Care (formerly FAB) Silver Award, which means we understand the specific needs of cats. We have committed ourselves to making visits to Blue House as stress free as possible for cats and their owners.

As specified by iCatCare, this means we have:

•    Premises of a good clinical standard with appropriate equipment
•    Staff who have a gentle, caring and empathetic approach to handling cats
•    Staff who are knowledgeable about and understand cats
•    A cat only waiting room
•    Ability to hospitalise cats, with comfortable bedding - our cat kennels are  gold standard as they are so spacious. 

In addition to this we also have a cat-only hospital ward with Feliway diffuser, radio, snuggly hide-away beds for any cats that come to visit us for procedures. We also stock many medications with the “Easy to Give” award to try and make medicating cats easier for you.

We run dedicated Cat Clinics every weekday between 2pm-3pm, during which the practice is dog-free (barring emergencies, of course). Consultations during the Cat Clinic are by appointment, so please give us a call to book.

The scheme required that we appoint a ‘Cat Advocate’ - a member of staff who oversees the cat friendly standards to make sure they are being adhered to, and who is happy to answer any of your questions about the scheme – and this role has been taken on by Sarah.

Please click the link below to view and download our fact sheets for helpful information about your cat.


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