Chicken Friendly

Blue House is chicken friendly!

Chickens are now a popular pet, and at Blue House we love to see them! Several members of the Blue House team keep chickens, and one of our lovely chicken-keeping clients listed us as a poultry-friendly practice in Practical Poultry magazine too - so we do see our fair share of chickens and waterfowl, and know how much a part of the family they are.

We also keep up to date with chicken issues by attending chicken-specific CPD (continuing professional development).

We stock several common poultry medications such as Flubenvet and Tylan, and we can order in most other products for the following day if needed.

We are also equipped to hospitalise chickens for surgery or medical treatment, with plenty of layers pellets, meal worms and other tasty treats to get them eating, and perches to make them feel at home during their stay.

Please click the link below to view and download our fact sheets for helpful information about your chickens.


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