We offer vaccinations for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Ferrets along with a thorough annual health check.

Vaccinations are an important part of responsible pet ownership, and we encourage all owners to discuss vaccination with us so we can choose the best options for your pet. As a practice we have unfortunately seen the consequences of animals not being vaccinated, and treating a dog with Parvovirus is heartbreaking as it can easily be fatal.

We like to ensure that we vaccinate appropriately, according to the risks of each individual. We follow the manufacturers guidelines (the Data Sheet) for our vaccine brands, which means that part of the vaccination we use can be given 3 yearly rather than every year (although part of the vaccine is still needed every year). We use Nobivac vaccinations (DHPPi and Lepto2 (L2) for dogs, Tricat and FeLV for cats). Rabbits are vaccinated for Myxomatosis, RHD1 and RHD2 using a Nobivac Myxo/RHD and Filavac RHD1/RHD2

There has been a lot of media recently concerned with over-vaccination in animals. We are always happy to discuss this with you if you are worried. We can also offer blood titre testing to look at the level of your pet's immunity. Just ask us for details! (Please note that blood testing is usually more expensive than the vaccination).