Altered opening hours and telemedicine

30 March 2020

Altered opening hours and appointment changes

For the next few weeks until restrictions are lifted, our opening hours will be:
         Monday to Friday 8am-6pm
         Saturday              8am-5pm
Please call on 01782 522100 to make an appointment as usual, or email if you have a general enquiry or need to order medication.

Video consultations are available in the comfort of your own home - just call to book in, and we will send you an email or text link to join the consultation at your appointment time. All you need is a smart phone, tablet or computer with a webcam.

We are still at the practice to see emergency or urgent appointments if needed, and to dispense medications and food. We prefer to post medication to you to reduce unnecessary journeys wherever possible and reduce risks to you and our staff.

All payments should ideally be made over the phone.

In line with government and RCVS advice we have restricted the number of staff on site so we may take longer than usual to answer your call. Please be patient - if we cannot answer your query immediately it will be because we are dealing with an emergency.

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Changes due to Coronavirus

23 March 2020

It is with heavy hearts that Blue House Vets, along with most other responsible vets across the UK (and indeed across the world), are taking the very necessary step of only seeing urgent and emergency cases at the practice.

Whilst we want to preserve your pet’s health and welfare, human health has to come first. You may not be in an at-risk group or showing symptoms, but every additional visit and journey risks spread of a deadly virus. Vets and owners across the country should not be putting everyone at risk so that a pet’s nails can be clipped. Booster vaccinations can be delayed, and at Blue House if we need to restart them at a later date we will not charge any more than a normal booster when the time comes.

We are now offering telemedicine appointment slots so that we can help and advise without you having to leave your home. All you need is a smartphone / tablet or webcam. If you ring the practice, we will be able to organise this for you. In a change to our normal hours we will also be open all day for urgent cases on a Saturday, and offer some Sunday telemedicine appointments only. Medications can be posted out to you, or collected from the practice via a window without you needing to leave your car.

We realise it is frustrating that we can’t spay or neuter your cat or dog, or do their teeth, or booster vaccination, even though you booked it last month. The sad reality is that we need to conserve oxygen, gloves, gowns and masks for emergencies as further supplies will rightly be prioritised by human hospitals. We are already being asked to inventory our supplies and provide a list in case they are needed for human use.

We have good stocks of most medications and food available so if you need to order anything then please call us on 01782522100 and we can organise how best to get it to you.

The practice doors will be locked, which is something we never thought we’d need to do. We will ask you to call when you arrive, then ask you to bring your pet out of the car so we can take it from you. We will examine your pet inside the practice and discuss options with you over the phone whilst you wait in the car.

Our team has been split into two to enable us to continue to provide a skeleton service even if one team have to isolate. We will be running on less staff so please bear with us, we are all doing the best we can in unprecedented circumstances. Please realise that we are potentially putting our families at risk to treat your pets.

Please stay safe, stay at home and help to protect the more vulnerable members of our society.

Together we can reduce spread and save lives.

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Our new home on Princess Street!

20 March 2020

We have a new Home!

After lots of very hard work, we have finally opened our doors at Princess Street! We can't wait to show you what we've been up to, but until we get to see you here's a sneak peak at what you can expect. Our new address is Princess Street, Biddulph, ST8 6JN. Our phone number and email remain the same.


  • reception1
  • Our new home on Princess Street!

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The big move!

15 March 2020

We’ve been very busy this weekend moving the whole of Blue House over to Princess Street! It’s been very tiring but we’ve finally done it and we are ready to open our doors on Monday morning at 8am! (16th March). We can’t wait to show you our wonderful new home. 

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  • The big move!

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We are Moving!

12 February 2020

Yes... a new house for Blue House !

After many great years on Congleton Road we are moving, not far in fact, only a 2 minute drive from our current site, to the former community health centre on Princess Street in Biddulph. We will open the doors of our new home at 8am on Monday 16th March and we are really excited to show you what we’ve been doing! You can keep updated by following our progress on Facebook.

Why move? It is important to us that we stay a small, family orientated, independent practice where you can still see your favourite vet and chat with familiar faces over a cuppa. Over the years it has become an increasing priority for us to have a larger building we can develop, to really focus on providing the best facilities we’ve always wanted for our clients, patients and staff.

We believe our new home does just that! On arrival you will find that in addition to ample parking spaces, the new site is accessible for all of our clients including wheelchair users with step free access throughout the practice. Our spacious reception and seating area lead to five well-equipped consulting rooms. Additionally, we have a new Woodland Room, situated away from the hustle and bustle, serving as an ideal room for acupuncture or a quiet waiting area for pets and clients. Our improved larger Blue Room offers a comfortable and peaceful space for those difficult times.

Already recognised as a Silver Level Cat Friendly Clinic, we will now offer our feline family members a homely, cat-only
waiting area complete with fireplace and raised areas for their baskets. Adding this to our new cat only consulting room and dedicated cat ward with extra-large bedrooms makes for even happier kitties. For our canine guests, we have an increased number of kennels and we are sure larger doggies will prefer our new extra-large walk-in kennels.

We are excited to complement these improvements with a bright well-spaced preparation area, two large operating theatres, dedicated imaging suite and a dental theatre. This will extend our capabilities to deliver the most cost effective and up to date care for your pets.

Taking our improvements outside, we have designed an Eco–friendly wellbeing garden behind the practice. This will have a sensory herb garden and bee friendly planting to be shared by staff and inpatients. Our small furry friends will benefit from the on-site greenhouse produce.

A House is a Home - We really look forward to welcoming you to our new home. The treat drawer will be fully stocked for your dogs to investigate, and of course there will be a cup of tea and cake waiting for you in reception. We are very family friendly, with a children’s area including books, colouring and even the option to dress up as a vet or nurse! Baby changing facilities are available.

Check in with Facebook to keep up to date with our plans and if you have any questions or concerns regarding our move please ask one of our reception team who will be more than happy to help.


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  • We are Moving!

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Evie's broken tooth

5 November 2019

Not many of us enjoy going to the dentist but we know it’s a necessary part of life. When Evie came in to see us one morning with her face swollen up on one side it almost looked like she had eaten a bee. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, one of her baby teeth was broken and she had a big abscess over the root of the tooth. We don’t know how Evie broke her tooth as she didn’t chew on any antlers, bones or hard chews– all common culprits for broken teeth. Anyone who has ever had either a broken tooth or abscess will know how sore Evie must have been feeling. Although she was being very brave she needed treatment straight away.

Once Evie was under a general anaesthetic we took x-rays to check what was going on. The picture is really interesting because her adult teeth are growing hidden behind her baby ones! We could see that the break in her tooth went right through to the pulp cavity, the sensitive part of the tooth which looks like a darker centre area on the x-rays.  If this pulp cavity is opened up it is a great pathway for bacteria to get to the root of the tooth and set up an infection which is exactly what had happened to Evie.

The treatment was to remove the broken tooth and start on medicines for the infection and the pain. Sometimes the infection is bad enough to affect the growing adult tooth but luckily Evie had her treatment before this happened. At her post-op check her face was already back to normal and she was much happier! In a few months she will have forgotten all about her trip to the dentist and have a lovely set of adult teeth.

 evie swollen faceEvie xray

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  • Evie's broken tooth

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Be a lifesaver

23 October 2019

As many of you will know, Blue House Vets work with Pet Blood Bank by hosting their donation days at our practice every 2-3 months. These are really lovely, fun days where the dogs get lots of fuss, treats and attention and actually save lives in the process!

At the moment, Pet Blood Bank really needs more negative blood type dogs to register with them and come along to our sessions. Dogs can either be positive or negative blood type and negative is in high demand because this can be given to any dog in an emergency.

If you have a dog of the following breed and they are aged between 1 and 8, weigh over 25kg, and are fit and healthy, we would love to hear from you. To find out more and register your dog, please visit:

  • Airedales
  • American Bulldog
  • Border Collies
  • Boxers
  • Doberman
  • Dogue de Bordeaux
  • English Bull Terriers
  • Flat Coated Retrievers
  • German Shepherds
  • Greyhounds
  • Lurchers
  • Old English Sheepdog
  • Pointer
  • Weimaraners
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  • Be a lifesaver

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Biddulph duck race

8 September 2019

Our Blue House Duck was in great company this afternoon at the Congleton Lions Duck race at Congleton Park! With 24 large ducks (all wonderfully decorated) and 2000 smaller ducks we always had a challenge on our hands, but after a very slow start we managed to finish respectably in the middle of the pack. I think our favourite decorated Duck was by Menditz of Congleton - their Mr Misstofeduck was epic, complete with fur and whiskers!

  • Duck race
  • Biddulph duck race

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Chip the Hamster

7 August 2019

Some of the patients we see are quite a bit smaller than our usual dogs and cats—meet Chip the hamster!

Chip came to see us because of a rather large swelling that had developed under his eye. People often worry that nothing can be done for our smaller patients, but we can often help. Although the swelling could have been a tumour, Kay suspected an abscess.  She started him on antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, which Chip didn't seem to mind so much once we added some Ribena to mask the taste of the antibiotics!

Eight days later and he was back to his usual handsome hamster self, as you can see in the picture.


  • hamster
  • Chip the Hamster

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For Fluffs sake!

15 July 2019

Earlier this summer Monty came in to see Helen because he kept vomiting. He started on some medication but he continued being sick. His owners then noticed it wasn’t just food coming back up—Monty had obviously decided his bed looked tasty and he was bringing up large chunks of his bedding!

On x-rays we could see his intestines were inflamed and his stomach looked like it was very full, but as he wasn't eating we were suspicious his eating habits were causing an issue! The only way forward was surgery, so we got Monty prepared for the operating theatre.

During surgery we found that his stomach was completely stuffed full of bedding! He was so sore that he needed a combination of 5 different types of pain relief for us to keep him asleep and happy enough to continue with the surgery. Luckily we found that the bedding had stayed in his stomach and not travelled further down his intestines. This would have been much more serious. We were able to remove all the material from his stomach (a procedure called a gastrotomy) and stitch him back up.

After a short while recuperating in the Vets Now hospital he was able to go home and complete his recovery. He’ll have a big scar but no other long term effects, hopefully his scar will remind him not to eat his bed in the future!



  • Monty
  • For Fluffs sake!

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