Leo's "Tale"

1 June 2015

Leo’s “Tale”...

Leo is a lovely Labrador who came to see us with an itchy lump on his tail. This didn’t improve after a course of medication so it was decided he needed surgery to remove it. Unfortunately due to the size and location, of the lump, there was not enough skin to close the wound completely. We debated whether we could save his tail or not but thought it was worth a try. This meant that Leo’s tail needed bandaging. Tail dressings are never easy to keep on, and Leo was quite good at getting out of them. With daily dressing changes, often under sedation initially, we had to come up with a way of keeping his dressings on.

Joel, one of our Veterinary Nurses had the great idea of attaching the dressing to a t-shirt, and Lucy (our student nurse) donated a very fetching pink vest to the cause! Luckily this helped keep Leo happy and his dressing stayed on. He quickly became more comfortable and his tail started to heal. It took quite a few weeks, but his tail is now all healed and as waggy as ever.

He still loves coming to see us (we think it was all the treats) and we love seeing him too! We are monitoring him closely for any signs of the tumour coming back but so far so good.

 Who’d have thought a t-shirt could play such an essential part in Leo’s recovery!


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  • Leo's "Tale"

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Blue House reception team win 2 awards at the National Petplan Veterinary Awards 2015!

11 April 2015

After weeks of anticipation, we are pleased to announce that from 15000 nominations across the UK for veterinary staff for 6 awards, our amazing team at Blue House Veterinary Centre have won 2 awards at the Petplan Veterinary Awards 2015! We are so proud of our staff Victoria Jane Smith and Marcia Titterton for winning in their categories. Thank you to those who nominated us in all categories. We received our highest ever number of nominations and to win 2 awards from the same practice is almost unprecedented. Very well deserved awards for Victoria and Marcia and a lovely evening presented by Alexander Armstrong. Congratulations!

Videos are available on our facebook page and the Petplan website, and more photos and videos will be appearing from the ceremony soon. We are so proud!

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  • Blue House reception team win 2 awards at the National Petplan Veterinary Awards 2015!

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A yearly health check prevents a big problem for Dollar

6 April 2015

A yearly health check prevents a big problem for Dollar

Miniature Dachshund Dollar visited Blue House for her health check and booster vaccinations recently. Dollar is three years old, fighting fit and had just raised a litter of pups - so as far as her owners were concerned she was absolutely fine.

We always perform a full health check when pets come in for their annual vaccinations, and this time was no different. Kay was not expecting to find anything wrong with a healthy little dog like Dollar, but when she felt her abdomen she found a hard round lump hidden in there!

Of course this was very worrying for her owners. Dollar had been showing no symptoms whatsoever, so what was this strange object in her tummy? Kay conducted an ultrasound scan of Dollar’s abdomen, and it was confirmed that the ‘lump’ was in her bladder. Despite that fact that Dollar had shown no signs of discomfort or bleeding when she was urinating, we suspected a bladder stone; she was booked in for an X-ray to confirm the diagnosis and surgery to remove the stone.

The surgery went well and Kay was able to remove a single bladder stone that was almost the size of a golf ball! It is remarkable that Dollar had shown no symptoms with most of her bladder occupied by the stone. Dollar has now recovered well and is now on a specific diet designed to reduce the chances of more stones forming. However, her little story demonstrates just how important regular health checks are, even when your pet seems well. If the stone had not been found it would have eventually caused significant discomfort for Dollar and may have led to permanent bladder damage.

If you would like your pet checked for any reason, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and make an appointment!



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  • A yearly health check prevents a big problem for Dollar

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Angel’s all back on track!

2 February 2015

Angel’s all back on track!

Poor Angel came home one day with a horrible infected wound on her back leg. The wound was what we call a “degloving” injury and involves a large amount of skin damage. This can sometimes happen with road traffic accidents, but we will never know exactly what caused Angel’s injuries and she’s still keeping mum about the whole affair.

There was a large amount of skin missing from her leg (we thought the pictures were too graphic for a newsletter). Neil operated to clean and partially close the wound.  There was a high risk of the wound breaking down, and the circulation to Angle’s foot was so poor that amputation would have to be carried out if things did not improve.  

Angel was very fortunate in having a dedicated owner who gave her physiotherapy and massaged her foot twice daily. Fortunately, with some timely veterinary help and a committed owner, Angel has made a full recovery. Except for a scar (which will be soon covered with fur) she is back to her old self. 


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  • Angel’s all back on track!

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Blue House food news

8 January 2015

In our constant search for the best food for our pets we have recently discovered Canagan. Unfortunately the company producing Applaws, another of our favourites, has now discontinued its large (12kg) bags and this has proved inconvenient for some of us.

Canagan is British company producing complete dog and cat foods containing a host of high quality biologically appropriate ingredients. These diets have an ideal ratio of animal and vegetable proteins and avoid grain as a carbohydrate source

If you would like to know more please feel free to speak to a member of our team of either on the phone or in person about the different options available.

If you would like to try Canagan dry food for yourself, we have free samples available at reception (one per customer, please - or we’ll run out!).

More information is available at www.canagan.co.uk


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  • Blue House food news

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Get your dog chipped for free until March 2015!

5 January 2015

From April 2016, the law is changing: all dogs in England must be microchipped. We're working with Dogs Trust to chip as many dogs as possible, and we're pleased to offer free chipping to all dogs until the end of March 2015.

Chipping is by appointment only. Give us a call on 01782 522100 to book. This offer is open to all dogs, not just those already registered at Blue House.

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Christmas and New Year Opening Hours

23 December 2014

It's nearly the big day! Here are our Christmas and New Year opening hours:

Tuesday 23rd December - 8am - 7pm
Christmas Eve - 8am - 6pm (emergencies only after 1pm)
Christmas Day - CLOSED
Boxing Day - CLOSED
Saturday 27th December - 8am - 1pm
Sunday 28th December - closed as normal
Monday 29th December - 8am - 6pm
Tuesday 30th December - 8am - 7pm
New Year's Eve - 8am - 6pm (emergencies only after 1pm)
New Year's Day - CLOSED
Friday 2nd January - 8am - 6pm
Saturday 3rd January - 8am - 1pm

Any time we're closed, the Vets Now team will be available at the end of the phone to offer free advice, and to see your pet if they are unwell. There are branches in Longton and Macclesfield:

Longton: 01782 417882
Macclesfield: 01625 348284

If you call our normal number, 01782 522100, at any time we are closed, details for the Vets Now branches are available on our answerphone message.

More details and directions here: http://www.bluehousevets.com/emergency/

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Six festive delights to keep away from your pet this Christmas

18 December 2014

We're pleased to share this article from the latest edition of Shosh's regular column in the Uttoxeter & Cheadle Voice, a local magazine distributed free of charge across north east Staffordshire. 



1. Chocolate

            At high doses, chocolate can be fatal to dogs and cats - especially dark chocolate with a high cocoa content. Cardiac arrhythmias and seizures are common symptoms of toxicity, so speak to your vet no matter how much chocolate your dog has consumed. The dose they have ingested can be calculated to see if it is likely to cause problems, and appropriate measures taken.

            Don't leave chocolate gifts within reach while they are awaiting wrapping, and don't place them under the tree until Christmas morning when you can supervise your dog. Also take care with chocolate tree decorations.


2. Mince pies, Christmas cake and Christmas pudding

Dried fruits such as currants, raisins and sultanas are all toxic to dogs. Any quantity, however small, has the potential to cause fatal kidney failure, so make sure all such treats are kept well out of reach. Also watch out for fruit and nut mixes and fruit scones. Always call your vet if you think your dog has snaffled any of these.


3. Christmas dinner

Nobody wants their pet to feel left out when the family is tucking into Christmas dinner, but please remember: large quantities of fatty food can lead to pancreatitis (painful and often serious inflammation of the pancreas); stuffing can contain onions, which are toxic to dogs and cats; cooked bones are not easy to digest and can become stuck, causing intestinal obstructions requiring emergency surgery.

            If you wish to give your pet Christmas dinner, stick to bone-free turkey meat with a few vegetables such as carrots or peas – and go easy on the gravy as this can be very fatty.

            Remember to take care with leftovers as well - hungry pets can dismantle bin bags and jump onto worktops!


4. Nuts

            Who doesn't love a bowl of nuts in front of a Christmas movie? If you're a nut fan, keep your dog in mind. Macadamias are tasty, but are poisonous to dogs. Other nuts don't tend to cause problems, but shells can cause intestinal blockages - so keep them out of reach.


5. Lilies

Lilies are beautiful, but all parts of the plant – stem, flowers, pollen and leaves – are highly toxic to cats if consumed, causing severe kidney failure. Some cats tend to chew on plants, but even those who brush against the flowers by accident then groom the pollen from their coat are at risk.

If you have cats it is safest not to have lilies on display in your house, just in case. Stick to cat-safe flowers – roses, Gerbera, sunflowers and asters are some non-toxic choices – and research your choice first if you are not sure.

            NB: Poinsiettas are mildly toxic to cats and dogs – they can cause tummy upsets and drooling, but are not dangerous. Call your vet if you are worried.


6. Christmas decorations  

            Unfortunately, cats and dogs alike can enjoy chewing on decorations. Tinsel is a big worry, as it can end up getting stuck throughout the entire digestive tract – very major surgery to remove and the potential for a lot of damage! Always be aware of what decorations you have out and what your pet is doing – never leave dogs and cats unsupervised around decorations if you know they have a tendency to chew.

We also see cases of electrocution when dogs and cats have been chewing on the cords for Christmas lights and illuminated decorations. Be vigilant and make sure you secure cords and wires out of reach as far as possible.


Over the Christmas and New Year period, there is always somebody at the end of the phone. Call us day or night on 01782 522100; if we are closed, the emergency contact number can be heard on our answer phone message.

Happy holidays everyone!

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  • Six festive delights to keep away from your pet this Christmas

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Blue House Big Bag Bonanza!

3 December 2014

We are giving away 100 of our lovely and practical Blue House hessian bags to our Facebook followers*.

Just pop into Reception and quote the magic word - "SATSUMA" - to receive your bag.

What's more, the 30th bag we give away will be a special goody bag packed with treats and toys for the festive season.  Will you be the lucky winner?

AND DON'T FORGET - as always, we serve coffee and tea daily and throughout December you can enjoy a mince pie or two as well. 

*while stocks last. One bag per household.

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  • Blue House Big Bag Bonanza!

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Monster cookie - for Blue House cookie monsters!

26 November 2014

One of our lovely clients brought us an amazing present this week - a giant Blue House cookie all the way from America! It is massive and tastes great too.

Thanks to Charlie and Lou's dad!

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  • Monster cookie - for cookie monsters!

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