A lucky escape from lilies for cuddly Cheddar and Morris!

Posted by on 9 August 2017 | Comments


Feline brothers, Cheddar and Morris, visited Blue House following an overnight stay at Vets Now. Their lovely owner had come home after a long working day to find the little tinkers had found a way into the spare room … where a beautiful bouquet of lilies had been hidden away from them! This is because lilies are extremely toxic to cats and even a small exposure can be catastrophic. Cats can be poisoned through grooming – if they have brushed against the flowers or get pollen on their feet and then lick the pollen off their fur. All parts of the plant are toxic, so chewing on leaves is also dangerous.

The main effect of lily exposure is  kidney failure. Cats will experience vomiting, inappetance, depression and as the disease progresses seizures, breathing problems and paralysis. If left untreated death commonly occurs within 3-6 days.

Thankfully, Cheddar and Morris’ owner was very prompt and got the boys to the vets quickly. Over the next three days both cats were hospitalised day and night to receive fluids and nursing care. We regularly took blood samples to check how their kidneys were recovering. Now two weeks on and all is well! 

If you have cats, please do not have lilies in your house, however well hidden! Many cats are not as fortunate as this lucky pair!