A new lease of life for Molly!

Posted by on 15 June 2017 | Comments

Molly, a lovely little Jack Russel terrier has been suffering with very itchy and inflamed skin which became particularly bad in April this year. She came to see us in a sad state, she had stopped playing at home and the condition of her skin was really getting her down. Molly’s wonderful owners were doing everything they could for her but despite their best efforts her skin was still getting worse.

We performed a series of in house tests on Molly, taking samples from her hair and skin and examining them under the microscope. The cause of her trouble was soon discovered … Molly had some very unwelcome visitors!

Demodex is a mite found deep in the hair follicles and oil glands of the skin (of both dogs and humans!) and an infestation causes severe hair loss, itching and secondary infection. Thankfully there is an effective treatment. Molly was given a tablet that kills demodex and a long course of antibiotics to clear up her infection. Her owners continued their dedicated routine of bathing Molly in medicated shampoo and soon we began to see an improvement!

Two months on and here we are! Molly runs in to see us and is back to the playful dog her owners know and love.