Alfie's swimming lessons!

Posted by on 12 January 2017 | Comments

Alfie, a lovely 4 year old border collie, had only been with his new owners for 2 weeks before an unfortunate accident saw him visiting Blue House sooner than expected. Alfie was chasing a ball in the garden and suddenly pulled up lame, unable to put one of his back legs down.

Alfie was examined and x-rayed by Hannah which showed that the ball of Alfie’s hip joint had popped out of its socket. Unfortunately Alfie was suffering from a condition called hip dysplasia whereby his ball and socket joint is malformed making it easier for the ball to pop out.

It was decided that surgery was required to remove the ball of the joint. In time, a fibrous “false joint” then forms in its place and will allow Alfie to not only be pain free but have good movement in this leg. Alfie was extremely brave and left the practice the same day wagging his tail and giving kisses all round!

Alfie has made fantastic progress. His owners are doing a wonderful job with daily physiotherapy at home and he is currently enrolled in a hydrotherapy course at a local centre to build up the strength in his leg.