Are you “currant” with what could be toxic to your dogs? Is there a “raisin” you should be worried?

Posted by on 1 June 2017 | Comments

Scooby and Ella’s owner got a bit of a sinking feeling when he came downstairs to find that they had raided one of the kitchen cupboards. Among other things, they had managed to chew up and empty 2 bags of raisins and currants. After googling this, his heart sank even further when he realised how serious it could be.

 After ringing ahead to confirm he was on his way (and that google had got it right!), Kay saw them immediately and proceeded to make both dogs vomit using an injection.  Within 5 minutes, both dogs had brought up a large number of the dried fruit which can cause kidney failure from even small numbers, never mind the large quantity both dogs had consumed. They both looked very sorry for themselves as you can see…

After speaking to the Veterinary Poisons Information Service for advice, both dogs were admitted to go onto intravenous fluids for the next two days to protect the kidneys from any damage. They also had to be given activated charcoal to absorb any toxins that hadn’t been vomited up. This had the unfortunate side effect of making their poo black!

After checking their bloods to make sure no lasting damage had been done, both dogs were eventually discharged with a clean bill of health. Please keep raisins, grapes, currants and sultanas locked away in a high cupboard!