Changes due to Coronavirus

Posted by on 23 March 2020 | Comments

It is with heavy hearts that Blue House Vets, along with most other responsible vets across the UK (and indeed across the world), are taking the very necessary step of only seeing urgent and emergency cases at the practice.

Whilst we want to preserve your pet’s health and welfare, human health has to come first. You may not be in an at-risk group or showing symptoms, but every additional visit and journey risks spread of a deadly virus. Vets and owners across the country should not be putting everyone at risk so that a pet’s nails can be clipped. Booster vaccinations can be delayed, and at Blue House if we need to restart them at a later date we will not charge any more than a normal booster when the time comes.

We are now offering telemedicine appointment slots so that we can help and advise without you having to leave your home. All you need is a smartphone / tablet or webcam. If you ring the practice, we will be able to organise this for you. In a change to our normal hours we will also be open all day for urgent cases on a Saturday, and offer some Sunday telemedicine appointments only. Medications can be posted out to you, or collected from the practice via a window without you needing to leave your car.

We realise it is frustrating that we can’t spay or neuter your cat or dog, or do their teeth, or booster vaccination, even though you booked it last month. The sad reality is that we need to conserve oxygen, gloves, gowns and masks for emergencies as further supplies will rightly be prioritised by human hospitals. We are already being asked to inventory our supplies and provide a list in case they are needed for human use.

We have good stocks of most medications and food available so if you need to order anything then please call us on 01782522100 and we can organise how best to get it to you.

The practice doors will be locked, which is something we never thought we’d need to do. We will ask you to call when you arrive, then ask you to bring your pet out of the car so we can take it from you. We will examine your pet inside the practice and discuss options with you over the phone whilst you wait in the car.

Our team has been split into two to enable us to continue to provide a skeleton service even if one team have to isolate. We will be running on less staff so please bear with us, we are all doing the best we can in unprecedented circumstances. Please realise that we are potentially putting our families at risk to treat your pets.

Please stay safe, stay at home and help to protect the more vulnerable members of our society.

Together we can reduce spread and save lives.