Covid-19 update

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Dear all,

It's been a month since our last major service update, so we thought we should let you know what is happening at Blue House at the moment! Some of this will be the same as last time, some things have changed, so please bear with us and excuse any old jokes...

We can’t wait for things to slowly get back to something approaching normality and be able to have you in to show you our lovely new building. In the meantime we are still taking serious precautions to safeguard you, our clients, as well as our staff. That means there are a few things to consider when making your pet’s next appointment:

???? Appointments - we are now offering routine in-person appointments for all patients, whatever the reason. However, in some cases it will be possible for your pet to be seen via remote video link rather than physically at the practice. It’s amazing how much information we can get from our video calls! This may suit if you are isolating, shielding, are struggling for childcare, have a nervous pet, transport issues or if you just prefer not to come in. If however we are not able to sufficiently examine and treat you pet on the video link, you will still be offered a physical appointment at the practice. You will then have to get dressed though I’m afraid.

???? If you are coming to Blue House for any reason, please observe social distancing of 2 metres as per government guidelines. We have water guns to enforce this policy with reckless abandon (useful in the recent hot weather). Medication collection is via a window on the left side of our building (nearest the fire station). Call or use the bell at the window when you arrive and we will be with you as soon as we can. Payments can be made by card over the phone or contactless payment at the practice.

???? Masks/face coverings will be worn by staff when outside, and you are welcome to do so if you wish. Luckily this is only for the humans. We learned the hard way - cats don’t like masks. And since so many masks tragically perished in the Cat/Mask Battle of 2020, we don’t have any spares (Sorry). If you need to lip read then please let us know so we can communicate effectively with you.

???? For appointments, we are currently unfortunately unable to allow you into the building with your pet for the majority of appointments - it increases the risks too much for everyone involved. They will still get lots of cuddles and treats from us! Cats and small pets should come in their carriers. We have tie up points for dogs so that we can collect them from you without breaking social distancing guidelines. Please don’t just leave them on the doorstep though - phone to let us know you have arrived then wait until we come out to you.

???? We are now booking in booster appointments for all of our usual species - dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets. We are gradually sending out reminders, starting with those that are overdue. We do have up to 3 months (and sometimes 6 months depending on the patient) to get the boosters back up to date, so please do not panic if your pet is a few weeks later than usual this year.

????Whilst many of our staff are now back in the building at least some of the time, we still have less people in at a time so our phone lines are very busy (our receptionists’ hair is rapidly turning grey, and not from lack of trips to the hairdressers). If you can email to request your repeat prescriptions, flea tick and worm medication and food orders on it will make your (and our) day much easier. Many medications can be posted but make sure you order in advance in case of posting delays. Our fleet of trained carrier pigeons struggle with larger medications and bags of food so these will need to be collected.

???? We are now starting to work through our waiting list of routine operations (dog and rabbit spays and castrations, dentals etc) so if you are on the list then we will hopefully be calling to get you booked in over the next few weeks. If you would like to be added to the list then please let us know. Cat neutering is continuing as normal to try and prevent population explosions - just give us a call to book in.

All kidding aside, we really can’t wait to have you back. We are lucky to have been able to remain open during the pandemic to serve the community and pets we love. We sincerely appreciate all your patience, and support as we have had to adapt to work with the necessary restrictions. We hope we can continue to provide excellent, compassionate service to you and your pets, and we look forward to seeing you, socially distant and in a mask, soon.

Stay safe!

Kay, Neil and all at Team Blue House
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