Pawesome Healing!

Posted by on 1 October 2018 | Comments

Cassie came in to us at the end of August after she had an accident on her evening walk. She had got her foot stuck between some fence posts and scraped most of the skin off when she pulled it back through.  It was obviously sore and the wound was very dirty so we had to anaesthetise her to have a good look and clean her wound.

Unfortunately she had done more damage than we thought at first and the flap of skin wasn’t in a good enough condition to stitch it back in place. When we have wounds like this we take away any unhealthy tissue and let it heal by ‘secondary intention’ which means it heals gradually from the inside out. This sort of healing takes a long time and poor Cassie had to have special bandages put on every 2-3 days for a few weeks. At first Cassie wasn’t a big fan of the vets but after visiting us so frequently we’re now good friends and she’s much more relaxed about coming in for cuddles.

It’s taken a long time and a lot of dedication from her owners but it’s paid off and we’re thrilled she’s well on the way to getting back to normal!