Teko's lucky escape

Posted by on 1 December 2016 | Comments

Teko, a very friendly 4 year old black cat, was brought to see us by his owners following a horrible road traffic accident. Unfortunately Teko sustained severe injuries to his face and needed our help to reconstruct his lower jaw. Due to the extent of his injuries Neil had to perform several operations and with his regular visits, we got to know Teko very well! Despite this, he remained cheerful and purred throughout!

Teko is now fully healed but has a shorter lower jaw as a result of his injuries. He is able to eat and drink but his owners feed him separately from their other cats as it takes him a little longer to finish a meal and he gets an extra sachet of food (which his siblings are not too happy about!) He now has a permanently stuck out tongue which we think makes him look cuter than ever!