Posted by on 20 December 2017 | Comments

We had a very Christmassy case last week when Twinken the Ragdoll Cat decided that the Christmas decorations looked good enough to eat - so she did! She snaffled a length of tinsel and promptly swallowed it. The first her owners knew was when she was violently sick and brought up a piece of silvery tinsel along with quite a lot of blood.

Her owners rushed her down to us, very lethargic and painful in her tummy. Sensibly they brought with them some of the tinsel she had eaten so we could assess the issue properly. We decided to x-ray the tinsel first to see how well it showed up (not everything shows up on an x-ray, but we were hopeful that the metal would be visible). Then we sedated Twinken and took some x-rays searching for any signs that there was more tinsel still in there!

Happily we didn't see any more decorations in Twinken's tummy or intestines. We treated her for her very tender stomach with pain relief and medications and put her on a drip. Once her tummy had settled we began to syringe feed her because she really didn't want to eat anything on her own.

Three days later and Twinken is like a different cat! Back to her old self and ready to spend Christmas with her human and feline family in a house which has now been stripped of all tinsel! No more risk of tinselitis in his household!

Please be aware of what your pets might eat this Christmas - all too often these cases end up needing surgery - not something anyone wants to be doing over Christmas!