Animal Behaviourists

Sometimes our pets show behaviour that we would rather they didn’t! Whether it is a fireworks phobia, aggression, separation anxiety or problems with house training, we can help - first by ensuring that there are no medical problems contributing to the problem, and second by offering our own advice or - if we feel that referral would be useful - referring you to a behaviourist.

There are different options available for referral, and a variety of qualifications that behaviourists may have, so it can be quite confusing choosing who to go to. Fortunately, we have access to some of the best behaviourists in the country. They will usually wish to see your pet in your own home, and spend a few hours deciphering their behaviour and determining a treatment plan.

Some are also qualified vets so are able to prescribe medications (others will ask us to do that instead).

Some insurance companies will cover behavioural consultations and treatment.



The APBC is an international network of experienced and qualified pet behaviour counsellors who work on referral from veterinary surgeons to treat behaviour problems in dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, horses and other pets.

APBC members are able to offer the time and expertise necessary to investigate the causes of unwanted behaviour in pets, and outline practical treatment plans that are suitable for their clients' circumstances.

The APBC also runs seminars and workshops for its members, veterinarians, and members of the public interested in the field of pet behaviour therapy and dog training.  

Below are the details of a few qualified behavioural consultants practicing in our area. Our directory of local services is provided as a source of information to our clients. Appearance here does not constitute endorsement of any business by Blue House Veterinary Centre. 

Dog training and pet behaviour counselling
Claire Kirkby CCAB BSc Hons AS/Dip
Telephone: 01743 249968


Behavioural Referrals Ltd
Sarah Heath Veterinary Surgeon
10 Rushton Drive
Telephone: 01244 377365
Fax: 01244 399228
Positive Pet Training 
Dr Katie Friel-Russell BVSc (APDT) MRCVS
The Sneyd
Ashbourne Road
ST10 2BF
Telephone: 07785800008
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