Abandoned Birds

Seemingly abandoned animals are also best observed from a distance unless they are in imminent danger.

Please leave 'abandoned' baby birds alone. If you find a young bird out of its nest, it is probably a fledgling.

Young garden birds usually leave the nest about two weeks after hatching - just before they can fly. They will have grown all or most of their feathers, are very mobile and can walk, run and hop onto low branches.

Fledglings are fed by their parents - the parents are rarely far away and are probably collecting food. However, they will not return to the fledglings until you have gone.

Please make a note of where you found the bird as it may be sensible to return it to this location when the danger has passed.  If is mistakenly thought to be injured and brought into Blue House, we may suggest you take back and put it in a safe place as close as possible to where it was first found.

To this end, when you bring a wild bird or animal into Blue House our reception staff may ask you to wait for a short time whilst the vet conducts an examination in case the animal is best returned as soon as possible to where it was found.

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